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The BTI Consortium awards three certificates in participation with BTI Consortium Member schools: the Religion and Conflict Transformation Certificate (RCT)the Interreligious Leadership Certificate (IL)

and the International Mission and Ecumenism Certificate (IME).

All programs are awarded in addition or as a supplement to a full degree granted from BTI Consortium member schools. They are only available to students at member schools who have met the criteria.

Our certificates draw on the collective strengths of our schools and the depths of experience and expertise of faculty. Certificate programs are accessible to all BTI Consortium students and are ultimately awarded by the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium. These certificates are meant as organized opportunities for the expansion of learning in addition to a degree already in process. The certificates on their own are not an accredited degree option, however your school may add them to your transcript (contact your home registrar for more information). 

Additional information about all of our Certificate Programs is available on our main website.

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